Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Booming Careers in the Legal Industry

The legal industry has seen a decline in career opportunities in some areas of law, just as there are declines in other industries. However, areas of law such as civil litigation, environmental (green) law, bankruptcy law, labor and employment law, foreclosure law, intellectual property law and e-discovery practice are experiencing a surge in career opportunities. We will examine intellectual property law, bankruptcy law and foreclosure law.

Intellectual Property Law

An intellectual property law attorney is responsible for keeping a company’s new developments protected from competitors who would steal them. New scientific and technological inventions are especially vulnerable to piracy. Individuals such as authors, artists, musicians and inventors of creative works are also protected under intellectual property law.

A trademark attorney is well-versed in national and international trademark law. The internet has given every business with a website the opportunity to have a global business. Now more than ever the trademark attorney is needed to protect new innovations of large and small businesses.

Bankruptcy Law

The present economy has created the demand for more bankruptcy attorneys and other legal professionals who are trained in this area of law. Bankruptcy is one of the fastest-growing legal areas not only in the United States but in the world today. The loss of jobs and the high rate of unemployment that keep consumers from replacing those jobs have left millions of people unable to pay their bills.

Chapter 7 filings have reached astronomical numbers. Even businesses are seeking bankruptcy attorneys who can help restructure their assets through Chapter 11. This trend is expected to continue for the next few years.

Foreclosure Law

The American dream of achieving home ownership is under attack. Record numbers of foreclosures have hit the United States with a blow so hard that it is almost impossible to recover. There is a great backlog of foreclosures needing to be handled by the courts and foreclosure attorneys. Reports indicate that foreclosures are expected to increase from 1.8 million in 2010 to 2.1 million in 2011. The need for foreclosure law attorneys will grow in proportion to the number of foreclosures.

Based on the current job market, these three practice areas may be good options for law students to consider.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Advance Your Career With a Masters of Education Degree

Postgraduate degrees prepare adults to pursue a variety of career opportunities. A Baltimore Masters of Education degree fulfills Maryland’s requirements for employment as a teaching professional, tutor, school counselor, coach, college instructor, student coordinator and school administrator.

The academic curriculum for most graduate programs in education are completed in less than two and a half years and include advanced course work in education, human development, communication, ethics, and a teaching internship. Upon graduation, students are able to obtain a teaching certificate and apply for employment as a teacher in any of Baltimore’s public, private or parochial schools.

A career in education offers stable employment opportunities with excellent health and retirement benefits. The job outlook for teachers in Maryland is above average. Teaching professionals are in considerable demand, especially in Baltimore and other urban areas.

Other career opportunities for adults with a Masters of Education include employment as a school administrator, student service coordinator or athletic coach. School administrators and student service coordinators perform administrative and organizational roles in academic institutions, and assist students in primary and secondary schools and university settings. High school and college athletic coaches combine their passion for sports with a career in education. Coaches are often employed in dual roles, in the athletic and education departments.

Tutoring is another area which employs many teaching professionals. Companies hiring tutors include agencies which provide specialized educational services for children with learning disabilities and test preparation companies. A professional tutor’s hours are flexible, and appointments usually occur after school hours.

Lastly, a Masters of Education, with a counseling specialization, offers graduates the opportunity to work in primary and secondary school settings as a school or guidance counselor. There are numerous career opportunities available in public and private schools for counseling professionals. Educators with a specialization in school or guidance counseling assist students with emotional or behavioral problems or give advice regarding career and educational opportunities.

A Masters of Education provides adults with an academic education and the opportunity to advance their career prospects. Obtaining a master's degree is a worthwhile investment in a student’s academic and professional future.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Work Your Way Up to a Hotel Manager Position

Careers as hotel managers are oftentimes sought out by people who wish to work in a pleasant, luxurious environment. These jobs can be both interesting and entertaining, and hotel managers are oftentimes reputed to be some of the most satisfied workers in this field. Unfortunately, you cannot simply apply for a job as a luxury hotel manager and hope to be chosen; individuals must undergo significant periods of training and education in order to be qualified for this position. However, with some hard work, you will be able to delve into the world of luxury hotels in no time.

First of all, you must receive proper preliminary education that will teach you about the nuances that are involved with running a hotel. Most hotels will not hire a potential employee if he or she does not possess at least an associate's degree in hotel or hospitality management. Furthermore, these degree programs are incredibly beneficial in familiarizing yourself with how a hotel is properly operated. The best place to achieve your degree in hotel management would be at a hotel management institute. These schools specialize in hotel and resort business practices, and they will be able to give you invaluable advice regarding your career in this field.

After you have received your degree, you will need to gain some experience before moving on to higher levels. Most hotels employ several different managers to oversee various aspects of the facility. For instance, there might be a food and drink manager, a guest services manager and an amenities manager. These employees are all overseen by the hotel's general manager. When you first begin your career, you will likely end up with a job that supervises a particular component of the hotel rather than the entire premises. This is where all general managers must get their start. From there, you can work your way up the career ladder with hard work, increasing skills and perseverance.

So long as you base your career with a strong educational background from a hotel management institute, the sky is the limit when you pursue a career in this field. A determined manager can work his or her way up to a high position in a luxury facility in no time at all. If you possess the skills and the education to propel your work to new heights, you should be very successful in the field of hotel management.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Getting an Advanced Education Degree in Maryland

Educators in Maryland have several options for furthering their teaching careers by completing a Masters degree. Schools with strong graduate education programs include Loyola University of Maryland, the University of Maryland College Park and Johns Hopkins University. Each school offers comprehensive courses of study in several different education specialties. The structure and emphasis of these graduate programs differs by specific college, so prospective student-educators should carefully evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each one prior to deciding which one best fits their career goals.

Loyola University of Maryland

This well-known school has nine categories of graduate programs to choose from for a Maryland Masters of Education, a higher number of options than in some other schools. These include curriculum and instruction, leadership, technology, literacy education, and school counseling. Loyola offers a Master of Arts in Teaching that meets advanced certification requirements, as well as offers a rich curriculum designed to prepare graduates to work with diverse student populations. Educators in specialized subject areas such as music or Montessori studies can also complete Masters degrees in their specialties.

University of Maryland College Park

Educators interested in areas such as human development, special education or school policy are good matches for this college's department of graduate education. Many of these advanced degrees focus more on research than on classroom methods, with the options to complete Masters degrees in measurement statistics or policy studies. Much of this coursework involves application of psychology theories, so prior study in this area is taken into consideration for admission. Either of these degrees are good options for aspiring leaders and administrators. The college also offers a Masters program in counseling that prepares educators to apply advanced knowledge of human psychology to a variety of educational settings.

Johns Hopkins University

Graduate education students at Johns Hopkins have opportunities to pursue interdisciplinary teaching degrees as well as those in leadership and teacher development. Aspiring school counselors have the options to complete advanced degrees in either school counseling or clinical counseling. Prospective special education specialists are well matched with this college's Masters program that offers thorough training in this area, combining both classroom and laboratory study. While Johns Hopkins offers fewer specialty Masters in Education degrees, the quality of advanced teacher preparation is well respected in the field. An additional strength of this graduate school of education is the available option to complete post-baccalaureate certificates and doctoral degrees in the same chosen areas.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cook Your Favorite Foods Into A New Career

Although there are many different jobs that you can pursue, the only way to build a long-lasting and successful career is to build your qualifications so that you can take positions doing what you love. If your current hobby is to bake delicious pastries, then you may be the ideal candidate to be a future pastry chef. Attending professional cooking classes focused on desserts, pastry, and other sweets will prepare your for this exciting career path.

Pastry chefs need not only an enjoyment of desserts and pastries, but they must also have a keen understanding of chemistry and flavor to develop and execute successful recipes. When you attend professional pastry school classes to learn more about this exciting career path, you also will become well acquainted with the different ingredients that pastry chefs use to create their delicious desserts, breads, cakes, pies, and even ice cream. Not only will you learn what the ingredients are, but you will learn what they can do to transform your dessert.

At home you may enjoy trying out the latest recipes for your friends and family. When you attend a culinary school's courses, you will have the opportunity to learn sophisticated baking recipes and design your own successful dessert recipes. If your current hobby is to experiment at home with new flavorings, unusual substitutions, or otherwise altering recipes, you will be entranced by the wide world of possibilities that growing your knowledge of kitchen chemistry can give you.

Attending culinary school is more than just baking a few desserts. It means learning about how to choose ingredients to bake with, as well as how to make desserts that incorporate different properties. The goal of culinary school for pastry making is for you to graduate with a well rounded knowledge of different areas of desserts. These may include desserts that incorporate fruit, different sauces, and even savory desserts.

In the end, you may be able to obtain a position as a pastry chef at the restaurant of your choice once you graduate. Pastry chefs at high-end restaurants enjoy high salaries as well as the freedom to develop their own signature desserts that the restaurant's patrons will return to eat again and again. Pastry chefs continue to innovate as they move through their career, creating recipes that they can use continuously and create variations of in the future.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Are the Many Benefits of Executive Search Services?

When a company needs to find and hire new employees, one of the best ways is to use an executive search company. There are many benefits to securing such a company rather than performing the often difficult and tedious human resources task itself.

One of the first benefits is that a reputable and experienced executive search firm has the expertise to screen and qualify candidates for the specific job criteria and parameters involved. For business professionals considering investing in executive search services, they're definitely on the right track. Their thinking and mindset are sound, as they are soliciting the service of true experts in the headhunting field.

Executive search services takes place all over the world, and Indonesia executive search services are as professional as they get. They have vast experience helping companies find qualified employee candidates in Asia. Indonesia executive search services, like in many other parts of the world, offer exceptional screening of individuals. They can narrow down a candidates education and background to exactly what a specific company is looking for.

These companies can focus on whether a candidate is fluent in multiple languages, help determine if they're going to be reliable and have integrity, and they can also help negotiate contracts on the part of some employers.

For a fee, the business professional can save himself enormous amounts of time in securing candidates with the right training and skill sets. It's hard enough operating a company when you also have to worry all about the human resources component on your own.

That's why these executive search companies exist. They can also alleviate the pressure and complexity of finding appropriate housing for the right individual for the particular job. Plus, another benefit is that they can also explore the details of compensation and bonus packages potentially available to qualified prospects.

These services can unquestionably save enormous and valuable financial resources. Many companies who outsource their employment needs like this can save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years on a robust human resources department.

In some cases, they can practically replace much of the work necessary with this aspect of running a company. Plus, executive search firms have the capability to find and secure successful prospects from most every area of the world. They can also help handle transportation requirements and other travel responsibilities in a job search context.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Career Options for the Budding Pastry Chef

Many great culinary schools offer pastry certificate programs, which interest many students involved in the culinary arts. Pastry certificate programs get students ready to begin a rewarding career by teaching students how to bake, deal with customers, maintain a sanitary environment, as well as prepare and decorate pastries, cakes and other desserts.

Once enrolling in a program, many pastry students wonder what careers will be available to them after graduation. Fortunately, there are a variety of careers open to pastry chefs, making it easy for students to choose one that interests them.

Five Careers Budding Pastry Chefs May Want to Consider

1. Apprentice Baker
An apprentice baker is an entry level professional that usually works under an executive baker. An apprentice baker usually works around 40 hours a week, but it can sometimes also be a part time position. These bakers work in restaurants, bakeries and other establishments to prepare pastries, breads, cakes and other desserts.

2. Executive Pastry Chef
Executive pastry chefs work in bakeries, restaurants and at catering companies. These chefs are in charge of the establishment’s desserts, which may include both production and design. An executive pastry chef may work with and manage other, less experienced chefs, depending on the establishment in which they are employed. This position requires a motivated and highly trained individual, that in many cases, has been trained at one of the best pastry certificate programs.

3. Cake Decorator
Cake decorators design wedding cakes, birthday cakes and other specialty cakes and desserts. These cakes are often intricate and artfully designed, as well as delicious. A cake decorator must be creative and artistically talented, as this career choice can be creatively demanding.

4. Pastry Cook
Pastry cooks work in restaurants, hotels or catering companies and specialize in pastries and other desserts. These cooks work with other culinary professionals to create a memorable dining experience for every guest. Many pastry cooks will create their own recipes and may help design the dessert portion of their establishment’s menu.

5. Baking Production Supervisor
Baking production supervisors are employed in bakeries, patisseries and other establishments where baked goods are produced. These supervisors watch and manage other employees to ensure quality and efficiency. A baking production supervisor may also help with production during high volume periods and must be organized and motivated.

After gaining a few years of experience, many pastry chefs decide to open their own businesses. Due to their experience, these professionals are well equipped to own a bakery, specialty cake shop, patisserie and/or candy shop. While this may be a few years on the horizon, the opportunity to own their own business keeps many pastry chefs advancing their careers and moving forward.